2024 Tournament Information

This page provides an overview of the rules and operations surrounding the annual Fantasy Football Chat Discord Tournament.
It covers division structure, promotion/relegation policies, draft procedures, and other key aspects of tournament play.

Tournament Divisions

The Tournament includes the following 4 separate divisions, listed from highest to lowest:

Promotion / Relegation
  • Teams will be promoted or relegated in 2025 leagues based on their performance in the 2024 Discord Tournament. Playoffs determine placement.
  • Should a team with a slot in the Legend/Premier/Major Division drop out or remain uncontactable prior to the 2024 season, scoring leaders from the previous season will be promoted to fill their slot
  • If a team in the Legend/Premier/Major Division goes inactive mid-season, current scoring leaders in the below division will be contacted to fill their slots
  • Should a team in the Minor Division go inactive they will be replaced by someone from the waitlist
Draft Details

All drafts will be snake format with randomized draft order. The draft will be sixteen rounds. You will be assigned a league draft date / speed as soon as possible. Depending on your draft's speed, you will have eight hours, four hours, or two minutes to make your pick. Draft pick trading (trading picks rather than players) is disabled in all divisions with the exception of the Legends League.

For leagues with extended (4/8 hour) draft timers: Draft timers will be paused between the hours of 11 PM EST and 9 AM EST to prevent autopicks while participants are sleeping. Draft timers may be sped up in later rounds (with warning) if the commissioner is worried the draft will not be complete by the NFL start date.

League Details

The following applies across all tiers of Tournament Play...


Teams rosters contain a total of 16 players. Ten starters: (1) QB, (2) RB, (2) WR, (1) TE, (2) Flex (RB/WR/TE), (1) DEF, (1) K. Each team gets six players on their bench plus 2 IR slots. The IR slot will allow players marked as "OUT" to be placed on it, but note that suspended players are not eligible for IR.


Each team will play all others in the league at least once, playing two twice. Playoffs will run weeks 15-17 of the regular season. The top six teams by record will advance to the playoffs, with the highest two earning a bye week 15. The trade deadline ends with week 13 of the season.


Trades will automatically be processed after one day of being accepted. There is no veto option, however, if you feel trades are collusive please inform a commissioner/moderator and they will examine the trade and act accordingly. FAAB trading is allowed. No trades will be allowed after week 13. Each trade will take one day from when it is accepted by both parties to process. If both parties consent and the trade is made less than 24 hours before game time, an available commissioner can push the trade through.


Each team is allocated a budget of $100 FAAB to use for waiver bidding over the season. At the start of the league each team is given a fake budget of $100 to spend on waivers. Owners submit the amount they wish to spend on the player in a blind bid, and the owner that bids the highest is awarded the player - other bidders will have their bids refunded. Waivers clear each Tuesday at the end of the day. After a player is dropped, he will be on waivers for two days. Bench players may not be dropped after their games have begun.


The top six teams of each league, determined by regular-season record, will qualify for playoffs. The top two ranked teams will have a bye for the first week of playoffs. The six remaining non-playoff teams will be placed into a traditional consolation bracket. Playoff results will primarily determine rankings for 2025 promotion/relegation. Total PF will be used as a tiebreaker.

IDP Tourney Details

Same as above, except scratch anything to do with team defense, and instead we have 7 defensive roster positions: 2 Linebackers, 2 Defensive Backs, 2 Defensive Linemen, 1 Defensive Flex Position